This measure specializes Measure for regression problems. Predefined measures can be found in the Dictionary mlr_measures.

The task_type is set to "regr".


R6::R6Class object inheriting from Measure.


m = MeasureRegr$new(id, range, minimize, predict_type = "response",
     task_properties = character(0L), packages = character(0L))


  • id :: character(1)
    Stores the identifier of the measure.

  • minimize :: logical(1)
    Is TRUE if the best value is reached via minimization and FALSE by maximization.

  • packages :: character()
    Stores the names of required packages.

  • range :: numeric(2)
    Stores the feasible range of the measure.

  • task_type :: character(1)
    Stores the required type of the Task.

  • task_properties :: character()
    Stores required properties of the Task.


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