This is the result container object returned by resample().

Note that all stored objects are accessed by reference. Do not modify any object without cloning it first.


R6::R6Class object.


rr = ResampleResult$new(data)


  • data :: data.table::data.table()
    Experiment data with one Experiment per line.

  • task :: Task
    The task resample() operated on.

  • learner :: Learner
    The learner resample() operated on.

  • resampling :: Resampling
    The resampling splits resample() operated on.

  • measures :: list() of Measure
    The performance measures resample() operated on.

  • errors :: logical()
    Logical vector where the i-th element is TRUE if an error for the i-th resampling iteration has been captured.

  • hash :: character(1)
    Hash (unique identifier) for this object.

  • aggregated :: named numeric()
    Returns a single score for each measure, named with measure ids.

  • prediction :: Prediction
    Combined Prediction of all individual experiments. Note that the performance is not calculated on this object, but instead on each experiment separately and then combined with an aggregate function.


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