This is the abstract base class for task objects like PredictionClassif or PredictionRegr.

Prediction objects store the following information:

  1. The row ids of the test set

  2. The corresponding true (observed) response.

  3. The corresponding predicted response.

  4. Additional predictions based on the class and predict_type. E.g., the class probabilities for classification or the estimated standard error for regression.


R6::R6Class object.


This object is constructed via a derived classes, e.g. PredictionClassif or PredictionRegr.


  • row_ids :: (integer() | character())
    Vector of row ids for which predictions are stored.

  • truth :: any
    True (observed) outcome.

  • task_type :: character(1)
    Stores the type of the Task.

  • task_properties :: character()
    Stores properties of the Task.

  • predict_types :: character()
    Vector of predict types this object stores.

  • missing :: logical()
    Returns row_ids for which the predictions are missing or incomplete.


  • score(measures = NULL, task = NULL, learner = NULL)
    (list of Measure, Task, Learner) -> Prediction
    Calculates the performance for all provided measures Task and Learner may be NULL for most measures, but some measures need to extract information from these objects.

  • help()
    () -> NULL
    Opens the help page for this object.

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