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Wine data set from the UCI machine learning repository ( Results of a chemical analysis of three types of wines grown in the same region in Italy but derived from three different cultivars.


R6::R6Class inheriting from TaskClassif.


Original owners: Forina, M. et al, PARVUS - An Extendible Package for Data Exploration, Classification and Correlation. Institute of Pharmaceutical and Food Analysis and Technologies, Via Brigata Salerno, 16147 Genoa, Italy.

Donor: Stefan Aeberhard, email:


This Task can be instantiated via the dictionary mlr_tasks or with the associated sugar function tsk():


Meta Information

  • Task type: “classif”

  • Dimensions: 178x14

  • Properties: “multiclass”

  • Has Missings: FALSE

  • Target: “type”

  • Features: “alcalinity”, “alcohol”, “ash”, “color”, “dilution”, “flavanoids”, “hue”, “magnesium”, “malic”, “nonflavanoids”, “phenols”, “proanthocyanins”, “proline”


Dua, Dheeru, Graff, Casey (2017). “UCI Machine Learning Repository.”

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