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A classification task for the mlbench::BreastCancer data set.

  • Column "Id" has been removed.

  • Column names have been converted to snake_case.

  • Positive class is set to "malignant".

  • 16 incomplete cases have been removed from the data set.

  • All factor features have been converted to ordered factors.


R6::R6Class inheriting from TaskClassif.


This Task can be instantiated via the dictionary mlr_tasks or with the associated sugar function tsk():


Meta Information

  • Task type: “classif”

  • Dimensions: 683x10

  • Properties: “twoclass”

  • Has Missings: FALSE

  • Target: “class”

  • Features: “bare_nuclei”, “bl_cromatin”, “cell_shape”, “cell_size”, “cl_thickness”, “epith_c_size”, “marg_adhesion”, “mitoses”, “normal_nucleoli”

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