Creates a Task of arbitrary size. Predefined task generators are stored in the mlr3misc::Dictionary mlr_task_generators, e.g. xor.


R6::R6Class object.


g = TaskGenerator$new(id, task_type, packages = character(), param_set = ParamSet$new(), man = NA_character_)
  • id :: character(1)
    Identifier for the learner.

  • task_type :: character(1)
    Type of the task the learner can operator on. E.g., "classif" or "regr".

  • packages :: character()
    Set of required packages. Note that these packages will be loaded via requireNamespace(), and are not attached.

  • param_set :: paradox::ParamSet
    Set of hyperparameters.

  • man :: character(1)
    String in the format [pkg]::[topic] pointing to a manual page for this object.


All variables passed to the constructor, and additionally:


  • generate(n)
    integer(1) -> Task
    Creates a task of type task_type with n observations, possibly using additional settings stored in param_set.

  • help()
    () -> NULL
    Opens the corresponding help page referenced by $man.

See also

Other TaskGenerator: mlr_task_generators